14 March 2024
UPDATE: Giveaway closed!!! Thank you all for participating. Winners will be announced soon.

Book Release "Hello Kyushu x Goodbye Kyushu"
24 January 2024
New Book released on January 24th, 2024! By the time I am making this blog post, it is already sold out! There are only a few copies available to grab offline in person from either me or my friend Alex Munoz in Tokyo. Keep your eyes out for any news about upcoming exhibitions or events where we will have the last remaining stock to sell in person. Thank you to everyone who have ordered the book online! I published a Book Project page on my website, if you want to learn more about this project.

Thypoch Simera Lenses
19 January 2024
An interesting new lens manufacturer by the strange name of "Thypoch" has launched two compact Leica M mount lenses that caught my interest after hearing about them from my local camera store (Rest in Peace Photohaus Hamburg). I don't follow camera news actively so I had never heard of Thypoch before and after doing a little bit of online research I found out that they actually officially launched their first "Simera" lenses in my hometown Hamburg during the Photopia Imaging Fair in September...

Exhibitions · 17 November 2023
I was invited to exhibit my street photography work in Esbjerg, Denmark as one of four international guests at the 40. International Photo Exhibition organized by the Esbjerg Fotoklub. The Exhibition features a wide variety of photography genres showcasing the work of 14 local photographers. The venue is a spacious library right next to the Esbjerg History Museum. A very interesting place and a meeting point for locals to read and enduldge themselves in literature and art. And very kids...

28 September 2023
Xiaomi has assigned Photographer & Leica Akademie Instructor Siegfried Hansen and me to produce a Master Class Series to support the launch of the Xiaomi 13T Series (Specifically the 13T Pro) of Smartphones, which are made in Support of LEICA Camera AG to ensure the highest possible image quality and photography experience. LEICA co-engineered the Lenses of this new Smartphone and licensed their color science experience to Xiaomi to help create different color and monochrome looks, as well...

Presentation at GSPF & Photopia 2023
25 September 2023
Photopia is germany's newest and most important imaging fair since the Photokina era ended in 2018. As a Photographer from Hamburg, the location of the Photopia fair is especially convenient for me but despite of that I have never visited the fair until this year, 2023. Somehow my work shedule didn't align with the past events and over time, more and more people would tell me to be a part of it. The German Street Photography Festival has also been held inside the Photopia so I missed that too...

MEISTER CAMERA Exhibition "STREET LIFE 2017-2023"
Exhibitions · 11 September 2023
The camera store "Meister Camera" which is a Leica Store that is sharing its space with "Photohaus Hamburg" has started exhibiting prints of photographers to showcase selected works from all kinds of photography genres. I have the privilege to be the first featured photographer to start off this new venture and Meister Camera printed twelve street photographs of mine that I selected to be showcasing my "best-ofs" of my Street Photography work. The title of this Exhibtion is "STREET LIFE 2017...

Summer in Portugal with the Fujifilm X-S20
23 July 2023
In July my Family and I went on a week long Vacation in Portugal where we stayed at a friends house. It was our first time in Portugal and I had no intentions to work on any creative project because I wanted to take a break and be with my Family. BUT... I have bought a new camera a week before the trip and it is replacing my Fujifilm X-S10 that I've been using for many years to film my YouTube videos. The Fujifilm X-S20 is the first new camera that I bought since 2017, when I started my YouTube...

México Street Photo Fest 2023
Exhibitions · 19 May 2023
Mexico has launched its first international Street Photography Festival and I have the privilege to be part of the international Exhibition. The Festival is going to take place from October 26th until December 3rd, 2023. More information on their website.

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