Exhibitions · 17 November 2023
I was invited to exhibit my street photography work in Esbjerg, Denmark as one of four international guests at the 40. International Photo Exhibition organized by the Esbjerg Fotoklub. The Exhibition features a wide variety of photography genres showcasing the work of 14 local photographers. The venue is a spacious library right next to the Esbjerg History Museum. A very interesting place and a meeting point for locals to read and enduldge themselves in literature and art. And very kids...

MEISTER CAMERA Exhibition "STREET LIFE 2017-2023"
Exhibitions · 11 September 2023
The camera store "Meister Camera" which is a Leica Store that is sharing its space with "Photohaus Hamburg" has started exhibiting prints of photographers to showcase selected works from all kinds of photography genres. I have the privilege to be the first featured photographer to start off this new venture and Meister Camera printed twelve street photographs of mine that I selected to be showcasing my "best-ofs" of my Street Photography work. The title of this Exhibtion is "STREET LIFE 2017...

México Street Photo Fest 2023
Exhibitions · 19 May 2023
Mexico has launched its first international Street Photography Festival and I have the privilege to be part of the international Exhibition. The Festival is going to take place from October 26th until December 3rd, 2023. More information on their website.

Exhibitions · 18 February 2023
The GR PHOTO FESTIVAL is an annual international contest held by RICOH IMAGING Japan where photographs taken with GR cameras are selected by GR Ambassadors worldwide. As I was one of the Judges of this contest I had the pleasure of seeing what kind of photography the international community is taking. The Theme of the Contest in 2022 was "Daily Life". The concept of the Ricoh GR Cameras is that it is the ultimate Snapshot camera. Photographers often get the GR confused as a Street Photography...

Exhibitions · 22 June 2018
Exhibition in Hamburg in collaboration with the VoidTokyo Collective. Perceiving the void – 13 views on Tokyo. 13 Street photographers showing their personal view on this unique city. The Exhibition is joined by Tatsuo Suzuki, Christian Schirrmacher and Damon Jah.

Exhibitions · 15 June 2018
I was at the release event & exhibition of the World Street Photography Book 5.