"Making Sense of Chaos"

In this workshop we focus on ways of dealing with the chaos of a mega city like Tokyo and Osaka. We help you developing the skills to cut through the noise and learn how to see and capture streetlife with intent. Besides the hands on experience, you will also learn how to edit and select your photographs (2 day workshop recommended).

This workshop series is over for now! We thank everyone for the participation! We are planning more Workshops of this kind in the future. If you are interested in another workshop, please mail me (hello@lintaro.de).

Street Photographer from Tokyo, Japan.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ulysses_aoki

Website: www.ulysses-aoki.com

Street Photographer from Hamburg, Germany.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/lin.taro

Website: www.lintaro.de

Workshop FAQ

How do I sign up? And what happens after that?

A workshop place is only guaranteed after payment. Before we send you the invoice you get the chance to fill out a form and tell us a little bit about you and what you want to get out of the workshop. You will then be given the option to book the workshop and we will send you the paypemt informations. After booking the workshop we will contact you personally and keep you updated about the workshop.

If I cancel, do I get a refund?
Yes, we refund you the full amount if you request a refund 3 weeks before the workshop date.

Will I get a proper invoice?
Yes. We will send you an invoice via paypal. You can download a PDF version and save it for your books.

Can I bring a friend?
For the best learning experience we try to keep the group small. If we have enough space, you can bring a friend and your friend get's a 25% discount.

Do I need a specific camera?
No. Our workshop focuses more on the philosophical side of photography. We teach you how to use different techniques and train your eye to see things you might have missed. It is recommended that you bring a camera that you know very well and has the option to be operated manually.



What can I expect from a 2 Day Workshop?
The 2 Day Workshop is ideal for everyone who wants to intensively work on their skill as a street photographer. Before we even start the workshop we will ask you to send us your portfolio for a review. We start saturday morning with an Introduction and a little presentation. Then we go out to shoot and work on different techniques and work on little assignments. The shooting day will end around 6pm (open end). The next day we start in the morning to do some editing and critique sessions. Here we have a look at the photographs from the previous day. We will then go out to shoot again. The second day ends around 6pm again. Final details will be send out after registration.

Impressions of the "Making Sense Of Chaos" 1 Day Workshop in Osaka:

"Thank you so much to Samuel and Ulysses. It was a great experience. We spent time talking before shooting and it really helped me focus during our shooting time. Everyone was super helpful and nice. After we did our shooting project they did a great constructive criticism session with our photos. It helped me rethink how I'd normally shoot. I recommend their workshops to everyone interested in photography. Hope to take another one in the future!"
- Justin Heiman, Osaka workshop participant

Are you interested in a workshop in your city?
Request a workshop and we'll see if we can make it happen!