>>> UPDATE: September is booked out! Next spots available in October 2022 <<<

7 Hours (Full Day)
Price: 690€ (incl. VAT)

Spend a Day with me in my hometown! This full day workshop experience includes a 7 hour tour of my favourite places in my city including insider tips and suggestions for future solo travels. We will have many great opportunites to do some candid photography and I will guide you through the day. This isn't a traditional workshop but rather an experience I want to provide that leaves you motivated and inspired to continue your photography journey. You can also bring a friend (2x 360€)! More options and details on the next pages (button).

4 Hours (Half Day)
Price: 390€ (incl. VAT)

Spend 4 hours with me in my hometown! This workshop experience includes a tour of my favourite places in my city including insider tips and suggestions for future solo travels. We will have many great opportunites to do some candid photography and I will guide you through my city. This isn't a traditional workshop but rather an experience I want to provide that leaves you motivated and inspired to continue your photography journey. You can also bring a friend (2x 210€)! More options and details on the next pages (button).

Book a personal One-on-One Zoom Call

Feel free to consult me for anything about photography, filmmaking, business, social media, marketing or design. Examples of sessions I get booked for: Portfolio Feedback, Photography Advice, Marketing & Social Media, Tutorials. Looking forward to hear from you!

Freelance Photographer & Filmmaker

I've been out in the world taking photographs and shooting videos since I was able to reach my parents VHS Camcorder. After graduating as a communication designer I went straight into freelancing and made all the mistakes you can make (but I'm glad I did). Nonetheless I had the privilege to be hired as a problem- solving Photographer & Filmmaker for companies like RICOH IMAGING, Leica Camera, Sony, Fujifilm, Swisscom, Samsung, Unilever & more. Outside of client work I've been roaming the streets of Japan, China, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, USA & Canada doing street photography or creating videos for my YouTube Channel. You can book on location workshops in my hometown and I do online consultation sessions via Zoom. If you need help in the field of Photography & Filmmaking, or anything else you think I can help you with, check my calendar and book a session today. See you soon!

Workshop Impressions


“This workshop not only helped me focus on how to more accurately express my creative vision through street photography, but it also provided an opportunity to meet some great street photographers and new friends in my city. I would 100% recommend this workshop — it was a fantastic experience.”

Benjamin Wilson

"Thank you so much to Samuel and Ulysses. It was a great experience. We spent time talking before shooting and it really helped me focus during our shooting time. Everyone was super helpful and nice. After we did our shooting project they did a great constructive criticism session with our photos. It helped me rethink how I'd normally shoot. I recommend their workshops to everyone interested in photography. Hope to take another one in the future!"

Justin Heiman

“The workshop helped me open up a new door of possibilities to use to my advantage when going out shoot the street. Highly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to get serious with street photography”

Noel Rivera

"I learned a lot from Lintaro and Ulysses. I’m happy that some street photographers said my photos are getting better after the workshop. Thank you!"


"Thank you for the workshop. I had fun and learned a lot about photography."

Mayumi Ueda

"The Making Sense of Chaos workshop helped me understand that chaos in the street can be a good thing if you know what you are looking for.  

In the workshop I was able to meet other photographers who share the same passion, and it is a great way of connecting to the photography community, where you learn from one another, and inspire one another. Samuel and Ulysses shared tips and advice that helped me build on the things I didn’t know I was capable of doing, they guided me and gave constructive criticism when they see something you can improve on. Both of them shared their objective insights and they never held back. They gave both practical and technical tips which made sense, as we tried to apply them to our workflow and shooting style. 

I highly recommend joining their future workshops!"

Philip Jordan Acorda

Workshop FAQ

Can you come to my city and do a workshop?
I do workshops world wide but in order to make any workshop happen overseas, I need to be able to cover the cost of traveling. That means there is always a minimum required amount of participants that need to sign up for the workshop to happen. If there is no workshop planned in your city, you can write me a mail (link below) and I will put you on a list of potential workshop locations and if enough people are interested I will inform you and create a workshop in your city.

How do I sign up? And what happens after that?
You sign up by registering as a new client on my shop page (automatically happens during the payment process).
Afterwards you will be able to enter my client area where you can select a date for the workshop or zoom call. I will then message you in the client area where we can chat about the next steps and final date.

If I cancel, do I get a refund?
Yes, you get a full refund if you cancel the workshop three weeks before the workshop date. 50% refund one week before the workshop.
Zoom Consultations can be canceled anytime with full refund.

Will I get a proper invoice?
Yes. You will be able to download an invoice after the payment.

Can I bring a friend?
You can bring a friend to my street photography experience workshops for an additional 50€ (you can split the cost with your friend).
If you want to bring more than one friend, contact me via mail.

Do I need a specific camera?
Yes! You are only allowed to bring a digital Leica M. Just kidding :)
My workshops focuses more on developing a good eye and a sensibility for photographing people on the street. Any camera can be used. However, it is recommended that you bring a camera that you feel comfortable with and has the option to be operated manually (to some extent).


Can I book you for anything?
I might dance on your parties if you pay enough :-) Jokes aside, you can book me for anything that I can help you with. My main focus is on street photography, filmmaking, editing, marketing, branding & social media. For everything else, I better not waste your time and money :)

Are you interested in a workshop or consultation? Do you have any questions?
Write me a mail or use the button below to contact me: