I went on the Streetlife Podcast

I've been a guest on the Street Life Podcast (what a great name! ;-))!
It is a new Podcast dedicated to Street Photography and run by two talented australian street photographers, John St and Mark Davidson.
Although the Podcast started farely recently they already had the opportunity to feature guests like Gustavo Minas, Jesse Marlow, Craig Whitehead, Matt Stuart, Knox Bertie... and the list goes on. So it was a great honor to be featured on the podcast and talk about my own Street Photography but also the Social Media side of my life.  Other topics were about being a Street Photographer in Germany, how to balance life as a parent with the job, how I met Tatsuo Suzuki and even the question of how my views on Street Photography have changed a bit. I encourage you to not only listen to my episode but to the other guests and follow them on Instagram and your favourite podcasting platform!

>>> My Episode <<<

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