XIAOMI Masterclass with Siegfried Hansen

Xiaomi has assigned Photographer & Leica Akademie Instructor Siegfried Hansen and me to produce a Master Class Series to support the launch of the Xiaomi 13T Series (Specifically the 13T Pro) of Smartphones, which are made in Support of LEICA Camera AG to ensure the highest possible image quality and photography experience. LEICA co-engineered the Lenses of this new Smartphone and licensed their color science experience to Xiaomi to help create different color and monochrome looks, as well as lens profiles in portrait mode. Siegfried and I were given the assignment to help Xiaomi develope a new Master Class format that offers more exploration and variety, compared to previous productions, hosted on Xiaomi's dedicated Master Class Website. Together we came to the conclusion that a Photography Road-Trip through Germany could be very interesting. And the goal would be to use the new 13T Pro Smartphones to rediscover familiar Cities through our photographic eyes. So we went on a week long Raod-Trip (which was also the production period) to produce a new Master Class Series for Xiaomi. Delivered were three Master Class episodes with german and english subtitles, 10x Behind the Scenes Photographs & up to 15x Photographs taken with the 13T Pro.

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