T H E  GR  P R O J E C T

A new Journey begins...

My journey into street photography began in 2013, when I became a Ricoh GR Ambassador. Up to this point I never had a GR in my hands and I wasn't sure if a small compact camera can get me the results I needed. The GR quickly became my favourite travel companion and I slowly realized that I don't need to lug around my big cameras anymore. I can savely say that no other camera changed the way I photograph as much as the GR. It also forced me to photograph with a 28mm focal lenght, which at that time was very uncomfortable for me. But 6 years later, it became my all time favourite focal lenght and a signature of my photography style. I'm a camera gear head and so it was no surprise that I couldn't resist exploring a new direction with another popular street photography camera in 2017, the Fujifilm X100F. A camera that also deserves a big place in my heart but is not here to stay. Even though I went into another direction with Fujifilm, Ricoh was still on my side and welcomed me with open arms. Now with the new Ricoh GRIII I am proud to be back as a GR Ambassador and my journey into a new adventure begins ...


This project is about traveling and the excitement of discovering new places and people through photography. 
Always with me, my loyal travel companion: The Ricoh GR III.

Episode #1 : Munich, Germany

In the first Episode we discover Munich City during the Octoberfest season and meet GR Ambassador Oliver Krumes. 

Episode #2 : Santiago De Compostela, Spain

In the second Episode I meet spanish Street Photographer & Teacher Jota Barros who shows me around north spain.

Episode #3 : New York, USA

In this Episode I meet Street Photographer & Activist Mathias Wasik who moved to New York three years ago.

Episode #4 : London, United Kingdom

In the fourth Episode I meet Photographer & Filmmaker Sean Tucker who uses his GR to capture light and shadow.

This is an ongoing Project. New videos every two month!