2017 - today

My YouTube "Masterpieces".

I started my YouTube Channel in Summer 2017, which as a time where my video production business was failing to grow and I felt stuck in my freelance career. I started to upload videos on YouTube because I wanted to prove to myself that I can become comfortable in front of the camera. For half a year I wouldn't tell anyone except my wife about me YouTube videos and I even used my German name which a lot of my friends at that time didn't know (I did that so that friends couldn't find my videos). My Channel has grown exponentially since then and it has become a business. I became a much more confident person and have made friends from all over the world. Together with the help of my supporting community I am now able to do projects that I am passionate about and my channel gives me the freedom to be more selective with the jobs I am accepting outside of YouTube. On this page I want to rank my personal favourite YouTube videos. These are videos I am very proud of and will forever have a place in my heart. They have either documented a special time in my life or highlight special friendships, interesting artists or they just make me feel good watching them. From newest to oldest, here are my top picks: