RICOH GR III & IIIx HDF Launch (2024)

Launch Photos & Official Introduction Video

The Assignment

RICOH IMAGING has asked me to come up with a photo series that showcases the strength of the Ricoh GR III HDF Expansion model, which offers an integrated "HDF" filter (which stands for "Highlight Diffusion Filter") that makes bright light sources bloom and softens the overall look of the image. Apparently Ricoh took inspiration from religious paintings and the the works of French photographer Brassai. I had decided to showcase scenes from my daily life and focus on more "mundane" and minimalistic scenes. It was a very natural choice for me because I had very limited time to photograph during the one month I had to deliver these images to Ricoh Japan. A lot of the images I captured were taken "on the go" and often while doing something else. But that is exactly how I love to use my GR cameras. I always carry at least one GR with me at all times.
Besides the images I collected for the official launch page ( RICOH IMAGING also assigned me with the production of an introduction video that would serve as the announcement video for the launch.

"The Nativity" by Gerard van Honthorst (1619 - 1621)

"Allumeur de réverbères, place de la Concorde" by Brassai (1933) 

Photo Series "Winter Days":

(All images are unedited and straight out of camera jpeg)

Additional Photos that I took:

Official Introduction Video:

Camera Operator: David Dorr