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In Summer 2022 I went on a week long Raod-Trip through Kyushu Prefecture in Japan with fellow Photographer and good friend Alex Munoz. We were both hooked on the idea of photographing something quiet and totally different from the chaos and spontaneity we usually find ourselves in when we do Street Photography. This was a journey do rediscover our photography and see how we would work in the countryside and in nature. In July 2022, Japan was also still very much in the middle of the Covid Pandemic and had not opened its boarders for foreigners yet. That meant that there were no foreign tourists to be found and less people outside in general. Both of us also became parents fairly recently and we felt we needed to spend some time alone, away from the current world state and personal life and do something creative again. So in a way it is about two young dads on the road reflecting upon life via photography. We chose to explore Kyushu because Alex lived in Fukuoka (which is the biggest city in Kyushu) for 8 years and has now moved to Tokyo. This is Alex's farewell project (therefore "GOODBYE KYUSHU") and it is my first experience in the countryside of Kyushu (therefore I am saying "HELLO KYUSHU"). This project was made into a 126 page long photobook that is now available for purchase.

Book Details: DIN A4 Format 126 Pages in Color Printed in Kyoto Limited to 200 Books!



Self-published Photobook made in 2012. 170 Pages with Interviews of four international music students who studied in German conservatories and music schools. This book was my graduation project in graphic design school and was the starting point for my freelance career. This book is not for sale but an E-Book version is available upon request.

A YEAR WITHOUT COLOR (working Title)

A Photobook project I started to work on during the 2020 Covid Pandemic. It is a photographic diary of three tumultuous years. While the experiences I had in Germany witnessing the effects that the pandemic in my country had on society is part of this project, my personal development as a street photographer who moved out of the city to settle down in the countryside and start a family is going to be another important chapter in the book. The book will consist of three chapters that are all covering key life changes that stirred me into a new direction. The goal with this book is to show how these times influenced the way I make art and what it means to grow up and start a family.

The Book Project is currently in development and if you are interested in helping me out with the design, sequencing or distribution of the book, please contact me via mail (team - at - lintaro.de).

(pictures shown here are mock ups and are not real photographs of the final book)