For the first time I am making my first Photobook Project available as an E-Book (PDF). German language only!
"Made in Germany" is a Reportage about the Life of foreign Music Students who come to Germany to study classical Music. Find out more about the Project here. This Book is only available as an E-Book Version. If you want a physical Book, contact me via E-Mail.


In Summer 2022 fellow Photographer and good friend Alex Munoz and I went on a week long Raod-Trip through Kyushu Prefecture in Japan. We were both hooked on the idea of trying new things and photograph something quiet and totally different from the chaotic and spontaneous Street Photography we usually do. This was a journey do rediscover our photography and get a little "reset". Both of us became parents farely recently and we felt we needed to do something to scratch our creative itch. So in a way it is about two young dads on the road reflecting upon life via photography. We chose Kyushu because Alex lived in Fukuoka (which is in Kyushu) for many years and has now moved to Tokyo. He personally wanted to do a farewell project anyways and that is when we decided to travel through Kyushu for one last Goodbye.

Status: Printing

Alex and I are working hard at the moment to finish the Book (or Zine) before the end of this year.
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A YEAR WITHOUT COLOR - A photographic diary of 2020

On the first day of 2020 I decided to challenge myself to photograph everything in black & white,
for the rest of the year... Needless to say, my little experiment gained an unexpected layer of substance with the outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic. 2020 was without a doubt the most challenging but also interesting year for my photography. This book is a visual diary of my photographs taken in Germany, the UK & Bulgaria.

The work consists of experimental and abstract photographs, paired with photojournalistic work that covers 
"the new normal".

Status: Long-Term Project...

The Book Project is currently put on hold because I decided to restructure it.
It will now involve my move to the country side and the story of becoming a father as well.
If you are interested in helping me out with the design, sequencing or distribution of the book, please contact me via mail (team - at - lintaro.de). Until then, stay updated by subscribing to my E-Mail list.

(pictures shown here are mock ups and are not real photographs of the final book)