FREE Presets "Starting Point"

Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop

Two Presets to apply to your RAW files when importing!

These are personal Presets I created to apply to new RAW files during import. They add a little bit of dynamic range (and a little ton curve correction), an activate a lens correction profile to get rid of vignettes and distortion (set to auto). They also reduce the sharpness to 0. I like to start with a flat and unsharpened image and increase contrast and sharpness later. There is also a B&W version for those of you who photograph primarily in B&W and don't want to see any color preview before starting editing. See the examples below to see the effect (it is subtle and nothing you can't create by your own but it saves me a few steps and makes my RAW files more pleasing to look at before I start editing them). They should work with every camera model. Hope it will be useful to you! Enjoy!

Presets included:
1x SLS - Starting Point
1x SLS - Starting Point B&W

Example Photo taken with a Ricoh GR III

Example Photo taken with a Canon 5D

Example Photo taken with a Ricoh GR III