S T R E E T   C R I T I Q U E

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STREET CRITIQUE  is a Youtube Livestream Show that encourages street photographers around the world to challenge themselves by giving each other assignments and discuss the results together on a livestream. At the end of every episode the community decides on a new theme for the month. Themes can be high contrast B&W, minimalism, shadows, wheather or whatever you have in mind! It's a fun way to share street photography together and learn from each others point of view. Special guests may join the live stream in the future. 

Current Theme:

"Residue" means anything that left a trace or a mark. A place where something happened but is not there anymore. For inspiration you can look up William Eggleston for example. But find your own way of showing us something that resembles "Residue" to you! For this theme it is recommended that you join us at the end of the month at our Livestream to tell us the story behind your photographs. Or you leave it up to us to create our own story : ) Now get out there and have fun!

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DEADLINE: 3 hours before Livestream!

Upload your photos at least 3 hours before the next Livestream.
Next Livestream: To be announced!

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