S T R E E T   C R I T I Q U E

STREET CRITIQUE  is a Livestream Show that encourages street photographers around the world to challenge themselves by giving each other assignments and discuss the theme together on a livestream. At the end of every episode the community decides on a new theme for the month. Themes can be high contrast B&W, minimalism, shadows, weather or whatever we come up with! It's a fun way to share street photography together and learn from each other.
Special guests may join the live stream.

We do not pretend to be experts nor do we say this is the best place to get photo critique. We offer you our personal feedback based on our own experience & education. If you don't want that, please do not submit your work! We hope to give you a platform where you can

share your work with the community and get deeper insigths.

June/July 2021 Theme:


We are going to take a little summer break and give ourselves two month to photograph something that tells a story of how we (or others!) spent summer this year in 2021! So go out and show us how some summer highlights! : )

1. Take a (street) photo of your or someone else's summer experience.
2. Photo has to be taken in July or August.

3. Submit only ONE photo!


The point is that you go out and challenge yourself :) Uploading photos from the archive is easy
but you take away the space for people who went out to shoot for the theme.
So please play a fair game and if you didn't get a photo this time, you can try again next time! 

Submissions open!

DEADLINE: Beginning of August

Upload your photos before the day of the Livestream.
Next Livestream: To be announced.

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