Kwon jae-hwa
50 Years of Taekwondo in Europe

A Pentax 645Z Documentary Project

In 1965, the korean government sent out six Taekwondo Masters on a mission to spread the knowledge of Taekwondo into the public. One of the members of the "National Taekwon-Do Goodwill Team" was Master Kwon Jae-Hwa, who decided to make it his personal mission to teach Taekwondo in Europe. In June 2014, Kwon Jae-Hwa came back to one of the first destinations of the Goodwill Team to celebrate the anniversary of 50 years of Taekwondo in Europe.

Master Kwon (photo: second from left) helped open up many schools worldwide and announced his retirement from his work one year after the anniversary event in 2014. He was known for teaching a non-aggression style of Taekwondo that focuses on a strong body, mind & spirit. His motto:


2014, Garmisch Partenkirchen / Photo: Khoi Chau