Thypoch Simera Lenses

An interesting new lens manufacturer by the strange name of "Thypoch" has launched two compact Leica M mount lenses that caught my interest after hearing about them from my local camera store (Rest in Peace Photohaus Hamburg). I don't follow camera news actively so I had never heard of Thypoch before and after doing a little bit of online research I found out that they actually officially launched their first "Simera" lenses in my hometown Hamburg during the Photopia Imaging Fair in September 2023. Unfortunately I was not aware of them when I was at Photopia. But I was looking for a compact and bright 28mm lens to use with my Nikon ZF for low light street photography and Thypoch happened to announce a 28mm 1.4 ASPH that looked very promising. I will spare you the specifications and technical details of the lens because this is not a technical review but just a first look and showcase of what these lenses can do. I was very intrigued by the unique focus distance scale that is clearly inspired by old Alpa Kern Lenses and the premise from the brand to make lenses that have a soul. "Thypoch" by the way is a name that comes from two Ancient words. "Thy" and "Epoch". They use all kinds of fancy marketing words to describe their products, which I won't focus on here, but if you look beyond their marketing speech, the lenses are actually quite impressive technically as how they render the images. I would describe the look of these "Simera" lenses as modern, cinematic & organic? The Simera 28mm 1.4 ASPH is a very sharp lens but manages to deliver images that have an organic feel. Well, let my test images speak for themselves. Thypoch sent me a Demo Version of the Simera 28mm (I requested it) to test it out before they released them. I would like to thank Thypoch for letting me test their lenses and I have already added a brand new Simera 28mm to my camera kit. 
I have posted a first impression video on my YouTube channel, if you would like to see me talk about it some more. 

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