T H E  GR  P R O J E C T

Paris, 2015.

A Journey to the past ...
My journey into street photography began in 2013, when I became a Ricoh GR Ambassador. Up to this point I never had a GR in my hands and I wasn't sure if a small compact camera can get me the results I needed. The Ricoh GR quickly became my travel companion and I slowly realized that I don't need to lug around my big cameras anymore. I can savely say that no other camera changed the way I photograph as much as the GR. It also forced me to photograph with a 28mm focal lenght, which at that time was super uncomfortable for me. But 6 years later, it became my all time favourite focal lenght and a signature of my photography style. I'm a camera gear head and so it was no wonder that I couldn't resist exploring a new direction with another popular street photography camera in 2017, the Fujifilm X100F. A camera that also deserves a big place in my heart but is not here to stay. Even though I went into other directions with Fujifilm, Ricoh was still waiting for me to come back and welcomed me with open arms. Now with the new Ricoh GRIII I am proud to be back as a GR Ambassador and my journey into my past begins ...


This project is all about traveling and the excitement of discovering new countries and people through photography. 
With me, my loyal travel companion: The Ricoh GR.

Episode #1 : Munich, Germany

In the first Episode we discover Munich City during the Octoberfest season and meet GR Ambassador Oliver Krumes. 

Episode #2 : Santiago De Compostela, Spain

In the second Episode I meet spanish Street Photographer & Teacher Jota Barros who shows me his lovely City in north spain!

Episode #3 : New York, USA

In this Episode I meet Street Photographer & Activist Mathias Wasik who moved to New York three years ago.

This is an ongoing Project. New videos every month!